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Paul Tate Director of Tate Residential Battersea SW8 reporting back on raising £6000 for cancer and caring charities

Wednesday 23rd October 2013

We did it… and to our amazement we did a Team time of 3hrs and 52Mins.

We registered and the sun came out, the roads dried, the breakfast was excellent and we were all in good spirits

I was doing the penultimate leg (mile 18 to 23) so I was at my start point by 11.00am. Amazingly the first runners came by not so long after this looking fresh and fast.

I set off with long stride, good pace and a bounce in my stride that can only come with the confidence of an experienced runner cutting a swathe through the marathon field.

I hit my wall 500yds in!! From there on in I had to tell myself that I could do it….. It was painful but surprisingly not too boring.

Mile 1, I knew I was going to die – Cramp in leg muscles,
Mile 2, just confirmed I was going to die – Doggy left knee
Mile 3, added more pain to the experience – Shoulder pain
Mile 4, By now I was a gibbering wreck and although I was technically dead, I kept on running. The people supporting us and lining the streets were fantastic and made you want to keep on going as hard as you could.
Mile 5, Yeah – I knew I could do it….. Dead or not I pushed as hard as my little legs would carry me.

The end was a long time in coming and in a new personal best for the open road. I was complete wreck of a body and handed over the baton in a time of 49Mins 47Secs. This is not an amazing time but it was the sub 50 Minutes that I wanted to do the run in.

After 4 minutes I had recovered my composure and for some complete unknown reason, where inspiration hits insanity, myself and one other lunatic could not be bothered to wait for the team bus so we ran the last 3 miles to the finish.

Over £1670.00 has been raised and the donations are still coming in. I am glad I ran the extra 3 miles to reflect the kind donations exceeding my target of £1000 by a significant margin. As a Team we have raised, so far, an estimated £6,000 it is still climbing.

This just leaves me to thank you so very much.

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