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Estate Agents in London with, property for sale and to rent. Flats for sale in Battersea, Vauxhall, Clapham, Chelsea, Pimlico and Kennington. Tate Residential are Estate Agents. Tate Residential has been established selling, renting and managing residential real estate for 14 years. Tate Residential covers Battersea Park, Clapham Junction, Victoria, Nine Elms and Vauxhall so we know the area, what is for sale and where there is a great place to for you to invest.

Tate Residential was founded in May 2000 to provide an excellent service for Property Owners in Central London. The Tate Team has a combined property experience of over 50 years and is focused on property for sale and to rent in South West London.

We pride ourselves on the personal and knowledgeable service we deliver to our Clients.

At Tate we pride ourselves on the amount of personal recommendations we receive for sale, new business and our client retention for lettings and management, which currently stands at just under 98% repeat business from our loyal client base.

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Tate Residential out performed the competition by beating two other joint agents to let my property in under three weeks.

An excellent professional company with that personal touch, you can't go wrong with Tate Residential.

Clive did an outstanding job. We are keen to buy other properties for sale with you in the future.

Was a pleasure to deal with Clive, was very helpful.

An efficient, personal and first rate service in Battersea - Thank you.

Thanks for sorting this out swiftly and efficiently as ever.

Carrie is extremely helpful and friendly.

Excellent service and very professional!

Prompt, helpful and knowledgeable.


Estate Agents in London with Houses and flats to rent and for sale London. Flats for sale in Battersea, Vauxhall, Clapham, Chelsea, Pimlico and Kennington. Tate Residential are Estate Agents London. Tate Residential has been established selling, renting and managing residential property for 14 years. Tate Residential has property to rent and for sale in Battersea Park, Clapham Junction, Victoria, Nine Elms and Vauxhall so we know the area, what real estate is for sale and where there is a great place to for you to invest.

Tate Residential believes this is a fantastic time for you to invest, but where?

Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall and SW8?

From Battersea Park to Vauxhall Cross. This may be outside gold plated central London but surprisingly not by far. Real Estate in this area has an exciting future.

Quoted by top flight estate agents as the area to invest in a residential investment. There have been generous forecasts of property doubling in value over the next 4 years. Hard to believe! Not really when you look at what is going on with the property developments and what is for sale.

Large scale new build property development and key infrastructure projects.

Riverlight has successfully launched with their off plan sale this year. St Georges Residential Property Development at Vauxhall Cross is nearly completed. The American Embassy and Embassy Gardens is soon to be your neighbour. The 450 acre site of Battersea Power Station is on the cusp of being built bringing Battersea to the forefront of the national and international press.

If that is not enough the proposed extension to the Northern Line, giving two new tube stations with access direct to the city from Battersea, could be up and running for 2017.

If you want to invest in Property, which is on the forefront of breaking into a new area like Nine Elms and The Battersea Power Station, look no more. You have found your place. All you now need to do is contact Tate Residential and we will deliver the right property.

Tate Residential are Estate Agents. We advertise London property (houses, flats and apartments) for sale and rent in Battersea and S.W. London. We facilitate London property search for Battersea, Vauxhall, Clapham, Chelsea and Pimlico. In short we are London estate agents with property to rent London, Battersea, Vauxhall, Kennington, Chelsea, Pimlico and Clapham.

Tate Residential Ltd is an established London estate agents offering property for sale and to rent Battersea, Chelsea, Pimlico, Clapham, Nine Elms and Vauxhall.

Tate Residential advertise property for sale and to rent as well as offering, full management, block management and investing services for residential property all over central London.If you have a house, flat, maisonette or apartment in Vauxhall, Battersea, Chelsea, Pimlico, Kennington or Wandsworth Tate Residential can advise. We can do this regardless of whether you chose to put your property on for sale or to rent.

Tate Residential has a wide range of services for vendors to sell, advertise and market their property using the major portals such as primelocation.co.uk, zoopla.co.uk, facebook.co.uk, gumtree.co.uk and tateresidential.co.uk. Our central office on Battersea Park Road is just yards from Battersea Park and Queenstown Road Train Stations. This ensures, local, national and international coverage for your property. This keeps demand high to ensure we deliver for our Clients.

If you want to live next to Battersea Park, Clapham Common or over the River Sloane Avenue, Victoria or Belgravia we can provide excellent services. Our core services comfortably cater for the letting and management of your property. Our wide range of services cover Tenant finding, rent collection and management for all types and sizes of residential property.

Good estate agency. In Battersea SW8 it’s a ‘love thing’.

One of the most important tasks is to keep a strong relationship with our clients.. Nurturing the vendor and landlord is so important. So how do Estate Agents Battersea in SW8 London gear up to deliver our client the sale? To achieve the sale is paramount as this is the end goal all clients require. However it is not just simply the sale you have to consider. In the London market you have to pay attention, to the take on, to marketing, negotiating and finally ensuring it completes. All this must be done whilst keeping all relationships involved with the sale happy, positive, motivated and content. That is what makes and good sale in Battersea or at least in our part of SW8.

The right analogy for the link between the agents and their client is a loving relationship. With a great agent we feel a bond between ourselves and the agent who is marketing our home for sale. The agent has a visceral appeal that is hard to articulate, just like in a human relationship.

Falling in love with your Battersea Agent.

Acquiring a client is selling the future potential. The possibilities that will open up if you become a client. How you will feel. The tangible benefits are important. My rent will be consistently higher; but this can be secondary. What can be primary is how I will feel appointing my new residential agent.

Initial Romance with your Battersea agent.

For many companies the client is now acquired and no more effort is spent on the client thereafter. This is a huge mistake, but what does a good initial romance look like?

At Tate we know you cannot win someone’s trust from day one. It is a gradual process from day to day, week to week and month to month. As for all areas this is exactly the same for Clients in Battersea. The trust has to be earned by listening, liaising, delivering as well as being honest.

Keeping the love alive with your Battersea agent.

In business and in human relationships the hardest part is keeping the love alive over time. People and businesses change. As a result we need to invest to ensure the relationship continues to be beneficial. If the property for sale London is conducted over a few weeks this is much easier.

So what does this feel like? It’s a combination of the regular connection and the surprise event. In a human relationship the regular connection is Tuesday night at the movies. The surprise event is the bunch of flowers saying ‘I love you’. For the London agency it is much the same. The regular weekly update to discuss how the it is going. Most agents are good at delivering this basic requirement for a vendor during the sale process. The surprise is ensuring that all promises are fulfilled during the process. Regular key updates and the upfront solving of all problems that arise during a Sale. Something London agents just don’t do enough is thanking the client for the sale. The agency can do this by winning the respect through the process. If the property is to rent this is just the same.

The power of love with your Battersea agent.

The consequences of a strong link between a vendor/landlord and winning London agents is the drive to material business results. This incentives clients to recommend services which has an advantage to the existing client, the new client and the London agents. The existing client becomes more valuable to the company, so any self-respecting company will work harder to for this client. The new client is ready to build a trusting relationship from day one which means the relationship can grow quickly. The London agents are doubly responsible to both clients which focuses them on delivering.

Take on a client because you like them and they like you. Be open honest with no sleight of hand. If you like the person, you will enjoy going the extra mile for them. Tenants clearly pick up on this. This leads to a better quality of tenants, better rents, less wear and tear, and significantly reduced vacant periods.

In summary, in my experience, building strong client relationships results in higher respect, lower attrition and a lower cost to acquire new clients. That’s a relationship outcome all businesses would love. This includes our central London sales office based in Battersea.

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